Hey Sports Fans – World Cup TIME!!!

I realize a HUGE number of sports fans in the US and Canada are fully focussed on what should be an enthralling NBA finals series (GO RAPTORS!!!), but there is also the small matter of the Cricket World Cup currently going on.

I know for many the word ‘cricket’ is enough to make your eyes glaze over. But please read on before deciding to forego what is an incredible opportunity to be an early adopter in what will soon be a MASSIVE sport in this country, sure to rival the likes of Soccer (Football) and Rugby, and possibly even the Big Four (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) in time. Let me explain why I am convinced on this.

1. Cricket is an incredible game:
It has intricacy and nuance that can be difficult to understand, but don’t let that deter you! Here is a fantastic video that helps explain the basic rules…

2. The USA could be Competing at World Cups Very Soon:
Our mens team have recently qualified for full ODI status, and are currently ranked 20th in the world. They will be playing a qualifying tournament later this year in Dubai to qualify for the World T20 to be staged in Australia next year, and are on track to have a realistic chance at qualifying for the next ODI World Cup in 2023.

The Women’s team have also just earned the right to attend qualifiers for both the T20 and 50 Over World Cups thanks to their recent thrashing of Canada.

The Men’s U19 team need to win a qualifying event in Toronto next month and they are through to the U19 World Cup next year in South Africa.

3. The USA Will Soon Have It’s Own Professional League
Given the scale of investment and the potential market, this league could soon rival the biggest franchise cricket leagues on the planet!

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